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01-31-2010, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainThraxx
Ill come right out and say it. klingons dominate in pvp. the pvp balance for what its worth(seeing as how cryptic has yet to make a balanced pvp system three games later its still garbage) klingon players ****ed and moaned throughout open beta about being undergeared underpowered and what now. well congrats whatever you did made them godlike. so good in fact a group of 5 of us feds got rolled by three of them. why? because while shooting them two stun locked with melee weapons and tore through us and while shooting them their shields insta recharge. mine cant do that.

so. like amny other broken parts in this game. pvp too me is unejoyable. i suppose ill rolla klingon and **** face too. but that wont be much more fun then losing.

again my hat is off to you cryptic. you really screwed the pooch again.
They haven't buffed anything so find another excuse as to why you're losing.