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01-31-2010, 02:13 AM
Originally Posted by khre.Riov View Post
Funny thing is, my deceased step-dad's name was Jim. SO that's probably why my eyes "filled in" the text wrong in my brain. That's how dyslexia works. I see something and somewhere between the perception and the awareness it gets over processed so that I think I see something that's not there, or not see something that is, when it comes to letters on the page. That's why I use Firefox because it catch stuff like that, except in this case - Dad is a perfectly proper word.

Add in being a bit angry, and in a hurry, and you get things like this.

As for those of you ragging? Get back to waiting on my table - I promise I'll tip you and the bus boy better next time.
Right. Because if you make fun of someone you don't have a decent job. Maybe I should just quit mine. Tell me, where do you eat so I can serve you food.