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01-31-2010, 02:28 AM
Originally Posted by Ytram View Post
Max 5 players huh? You sure you're not exaggerating the instancing? Here's a hint: you are.

Unless of course you've never left the tutorial, then you might be right.
I'll admit to some drunken enraged exaggeration there .. but I think my point is clear and precise. Sector space is the hub... everything else I have entered is instanced.

I understand its head-start beta but from open beta to now i have never encountered more than 5 players anywhere but sector space ... and ...if you have been in sector space ... well .. thats no place you want to spend anytime in at all.

I purchased this game for one reason and one reason only... Genesis exploration.

Perhaps I was and AM confused. Probably Both. Only two things are for certain:
1: this is not a traditional MMO
2: Willy Nelson only smokes killer weed