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01-31-2010, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by Full_Metal View Post
Damn guys its only head start... YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR HEAD START! Billing will start one the Second... And as stated above even if the servers where offline for 4 days it would be only $2s...
People who pre-ordered have paid real money. However, there is a day left in which its possible for most people to get a refund, e.g. Steam allows cancellation of pre-orders. Unless Cryptic make a positive Customer Service move to address current, valid, concerns about their ability to deliver a quality service then many people will exercise their option to cancel.

4 days of downtime in one month from an online service would be a tragic fail. You realize that 4 days across 10,000 subscribers is nearly 1 million hours lost? (And I expect there are more than 10,000 subscribers in reality).

Compensation is a very common thing for a company to offer its customers when there is a problem. Note that compensation does not have to be monetary, in fact more often than not its given in terms of goods and services -- Airlines offer free flights if they mess up your booking, cinemas give free tickets if there's a problem with a screening, supermarkets often give free produce if something you purchased was spoiled on the shelf ...

Imagine if your ISP was down for 4 days a month, would you think that was acceptable? My cable service was out for 2 days last November, when I spoke to Customer Service they were very helpful and offered me free HBO for a month to make up for it. I am sure the Cryptic developers are busy fixing things as fast as they can, but what exactly is Cryptic Customer Service doing?