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01-31-2010, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by Okiwawa
Imagine if your ISP was down for 4 days a month, would you think that was acceptable? My cable service was out for 2 days last November, when I spoke to Customer Service they were very helpful and offered me free HBO for a month to make up for it. I am sure the Cryptic developers are busy fixing things as fast as they can, but what exactly is Cryptic Customer Service doing?
I would expect my ISP to reimburse me because thats a Utility (Some thing I make money on) and to an extent I would expect Cryptic to reimburse me if the game was down for greater then 2 days (Well if I paid monthly that is)

But I dont see this happening for a large amount of time, this amount of down time is quite normal for a launch.

I wouldnt be complaining asking for any reimbursement tell after Release...