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01-31-2010, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by Vukhufu
I'll admit to some drunken enraged exaggeration there .. but I think my point is clear and precise. Sector space is the hub... everything else I have entered is instanced.

I understand its head-start beta but from open beta to now i have never encountered more than 5 players anywhere but sector space ... and ...if you have been in sector space ... well .. thats no place you want to spend anytime in at all.

I purchased this game for one reason and one reason only... Genesis exploration.

Perhaps I was and AM confused. Probably Both. Only two things are for certain:
1: this is not a traditional MMO
2: Willy Nelson only smokes killer weed
Well I'm not sure how Genesis Exploration will be implemented if it's anything like the "explore so and so sector" missions that already exist, it will not be good. Sector space is an abortion, with it's huge grid making a floor in space and the inability to do anything except go to already mapped out systems. I mean they don't go for immersion one bit in this game. Forget walking around planets as well, they're all tiny instanced little maps that vanish into thin air as soon as you leave them. So much for that.

Originally Posted by SGTalon View Post
Eve Online is one server and i honestly don't see why everyone would do it that way. You are ALWAYS with everyone else. Never have low populations, never have to worry about where your friends are, and it is very established technology.

EVE has been doing it for something like 8 years and they are doing great. I wouldn't worry about the server end of things. There are sure to be issues that far outweigh this one.
Something to be said about repeating past mistakes over and over and not learning and improving upon something that has already been proven to work and work famously, hmm?