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01-31-2010, 03:15 AM
No, its in shards and instances.

This was works fairly decently, and allows them to increase the amount of players in each 'area' bit by bit.

Champions online had a 100-200 player cap in its huge 'zone' instances (Which were huge maps) and then its interiors had about a 100 cap too.

Im pretty sure they will increase the interior caps on this game to at least 100 (starbases etc) and then, eventually, fleet instances and so forth.

Deep space encounters were lowered to 5-9 people because any more made them ridiculously easy.

People have been spoiled by the mmo's that have 1000's of players on one area, so they 'think' this is not a mmo.

It is infact a MMO, it qualifies under all categories, regardless of what they think.