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01-31-2010, 03:44 AM
Have they actually said anywhere it's running on 1 Server????

and if so wtf are the specs for this thing???? i mean come on it would have to be a MONSTER!! this is a Huge IP we are talking about here. you know probably like every "trekkie" in the world is probably gonna be playing this let **** probably pre-ordred not to mention the people coming from other mmo's or this being their 1st time or whatever the case.

Instancing is basicaly a cheap way of running something. its basically like Virtual Servers cost less but demands a hell of alot more if you throw to much at it but very iffecient if no load. However we the Consumer who are paying for the Game get shafted because that means less hardware and more downtime/instability when more demand then resources are available.

Regardless of the way they are doing it and whoever Design it needs to get 2 in the bakc of teh head in some dark ally and call it a day along with anyone else in charge who setup in this fail manner, This is unacceptable, Regardless of the MMO.

2 things show when this happens 1.) Mismangment of Funds, & 2.) People who don't know what they are Doing period.

The 1st MMO's i can understand but Gneration after Generation all having the same problems is just plain retarded. You would think people would learn by now and learn of the mistales of other that you can's skimp out on hardware. and to stop pushing game sout b4 they are ready, Stop giving Bllsheit time frames, If i ran my business teh way these companies due i woudla went out years ago, You give your client or people wanting to make contratcs with you nobulshiet assignmenst and if they don't like it they can either go on to somsone else who will tell them the same thing or they'll find some who will bend over and feed them what they wanna hear.

and no MMO's arn't supposed to be like this i'm sorry, if you feel that way yoru just jadded and accepting of the fact whihc then enturn allows them to do this.

people like you are the worst this is why these companies(let alone other things in life) feel like they can get aay with stuff because eyoru so complacent, Ur the type of people who wouldn't mind getting ased ra@ped and then afterwards be like "it is what it is"
/rolls eyes maybe in your world. but in reality were you actually are worthless basicaly you'll never amount to anything because you except that fat doong slaped in yoru face, u should just hang yourself from a giraffe dieck's since you suck on cornhole.

MMO's should not have these problems anymore, They have access to huge ammounts of Play base with lots of diferent client hardware during betas they know what to expect. it's just an excuss not to correct them. and it's a poor excuss when it happens it show syou the integrity of the people in charge whihc is worthless.

Now grant it they can possible fix these things at later points but it leaves a bad tatse in our mouths.

In running a Business all we have is our names and if you Constantly sully it why would anyone trust you.

With all the other post I agree i'm afraid of whats gonna happen on Open Launch.

Now City of Heroes/Villians I thought was a good showcase on Virtual Servers(at 1st), However they went to far with this game to the point of Desocializing and removing the player base. 5-32+per Instance area wtf??? not to mention Everything is assinine Instanced.

Sol system should be caped at 100+ add more feel to the aww of a space fleet, Sector space should be the same actuall ingame Fight should then be instance to either 5 man teams and or zones that are open to a fleet size party of up to 25+ so you don't feel so alone because your not. I wanna see giant fleets going at it and being able to say yea i cma eout of that alive while almost everyone else go creamed.

I know this game makes you and trys to make you feel alone not to mention not wnat to chat because your not really playing a char your flying a ship and your your own captain so to hell with others. It's a game thats real impersonal butb still.

it has the same Feel that every other game of it's kind does where your not really lvling a char, Auto Assualt had the same feel as this but was more open and less Instance but it failed(really liked that game wish it didn't die i would still be playing that).

ignorant people(idiocracy), hate them so much, you all need to be put on an island so i can glass it.

mmm time for bed. fun reading all(especialy you grammer police grow up it's the net not school learn some reading comprehension skills if it hurts that bad).