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01-31-2010, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by kright0n View Post
considering the state of the game right many areas should i be investing in in regards to skill a LT 4 i've maxed out two areas, st command and beam weapons.....can i safely put some into torpedos or should i just wait till i hit LT Cmdr and then continue on into the 2 chains i have going now.
By the time you hit lvl 11 (lt comm), youd have maxed out almost all tier 1 skills. After that you need to start thinking where to place your points. For now, just put them in the skills that give you the better bonus's for damage, maneuverability etc.
The skill mods you see on the right (+10, +15 etc), mean percentages. For some skills though, tier 2 upwards, it adds to duration instead.

If you have specific build questions or skill questions, head on over to the powers forum. There are lots of people there that can help you.