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01-31-2010, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by BladeParker View Post
Graphic cards ARE cool. (40c - 50c). My power supply is the SPI Magna 1000. The Magna 1000 is capable of running SLi or Crossfire with any card. specs=4+12vrails.

I have tried the last 2 ATi drivers. Going back farther than that should not be required. STO is not, and will not be the only application I run. My other games have run and still do run well on the the last two ccc updates. (9.12 and 10.1)

Instead of should not be required, did you try it? If it still doesnt work, then its a problem either on your side with configuration, or a problem with the game supporting Crossfire/SLi,which it doubtful, due to a lot of people using it with zero problems)

Edit: Download and run for me.
At the bottom left, where it says "+12v", tell me the number there. and the number on the -12v.

This program will tell you definitly whether it's a power or heat issue. Or if it is indeed the games fault.