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01-31-2010, 05:43 AM
when you buy a car, you dont expect it to run forever without refuelling or breaking down.

a single player game is a "done and dusted" deal, you pay once and thats that.. i know some now offer free downloaded content, but for the most part what you get in the box is exactly what it is.

A MMO requires maintenance, it requires servers to play upon which cost money to host and keep supplied with power, not to mention costs for thousands of connections in and out to the internet. this is the big part of why a MMO needs a monthly fee, or some kind of fee to keep it running.

the benefit of it however is that what you get in the box is just the start, more will be added to the game on a regular basis, parts of the graphics could changes (UI for example) or whole mission arcs could alter, new content will come regularly as well and in time the version of the game you get in the box will be completely out-dated.

the difference between a pay monthly and free to play model is the management of the game will have a rough idea of how much is going to be coming in that month, so can plan ahead more. with a free to play with money store model they'd need to wait till they make enough to plan large work. I for one prefer to pay monthly to help ensure a more stable future for the games i prefer. Imagine a TV show that'll just show repeats until enough people bother to send in some cash for them to make a new episode, thats F2P (free to play) MMO's.. they've already announced a lot of new content to come soon after launch (for no further charge i might add) such as the entire Sol system and borg encounters.

best thing is however, even if you only play every other month, they dont delete characters from the servers, so you can cancel your sub and restart it as much as you like.