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01-31-2010, 05:45 AM
i have been thinking the missions were too easy myself.

during my last mission (patrol donia sector) i decided to do a test on the last group.

I flew into range fired at the first ship in the group ( the group was 3 +1 vishap frigate, just like the other 4 groups)
stopped my ship and only pressed the space bar once per ship to get my phasers to start auto firing.

not only did the enemy group all get destroyed with no meaningful input from myself but the enemies didnt even bring one of my shields down.

I have been slowly progressing through the PVE missions and i havent played any fleet actions.

I was using a regenerative shield I and two standard issue phasers (I haven't felt the need thus far to buy anything).

Also I have not used a single skillpoint on my character yet, although I have trained some BOFF skills they never came into play since all I did was let the autofire do the work.

Now although I understand the game does and should start off easily I would like to think I had to put some more input in than just flying at a spawn and opening up on them, anywhere but the tutorial.