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Originally Posted by sintar07 View Post
Hmm... that's true. The Ride of the Rohirrim is pretty epic. I'm always dissapointed that I can't find the theme to that scene (I know it's just the Rohan theme sped up, but I like it best that way and there doesn't seem to be a recording of it)
I have that song on my i-pod. It's on the Return of the King soundtrack and called "The Ride of the Rohirrim". Wait, are you talking about when Theoden is riding through his troops or when they are going to save Gondor? When Theoden is riding through his troops is "Ride of the Rohirrim". When he is about to save Gondor and is talking to his army is "The Fields of Pelenothor". Both of them are on the Return of the King soundtrack
I have too many favorit parts, but some of them are:

-Frodo when he agrees to take the Ring to Mt. Doom. I love the part where Pippin goes, "So, where are we going?" It makes me laugh every time.
-The lighting of the beakons in the Return of the King. I love that song.
-When Ewoean says "I am no man" to the Nazgul right before she kills him. That part is EPIC!!!!
-And Aragon's speach before the Black Gates

The only complaint I have is that some of the people in Rohan's army wern't very good at riding horses. One of them pulls his reigns when the Roherium are charging on the orkes at Gondor. I ride horses, and pulling the regins makes the horse stop! I laugh every time that person comes on the screne.