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01-31-2010, 05:57 AM
This has happened too me as well just a short while ago!

Been waiting for a bridge officer with beam overload who was alien (I want to have a bridge crew of same species as my avatar :p) and he also had 3 other ok skills I might use later on.

Commission him and bamb, 4 skills that I have no interest in where there were once 4!

I'm seriously getting sick of this, I've had non-stop problems so far, vastly more than I had in beta and where as in beta is didn't effect the overall experience, its seriously ruining the game for me.

Add to that the fact you get 96 hours head start, minus 8 hours per night for sleep making it really 64 if you're not an insomniac and I've already missed out on 20% of that time because of server issues and the steam mess up and we're not even 50% of the way through!