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01-31-2010, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by Harddrive View Post
So, in other words, instead of fixing a problem you acknowledge you make an excuse about it and turn it around on me intstead.....nice.

Battle cloaking is broken.


The second I cloak target loses lock on me and torpedoes loss guidance if they have been fired. This is how it worked in Star Trek and this is how i expect it to work here.

Klingon's have enough disadvantages already, they need just ONE thing to work the way it should.
No need ot get hostile...CALM..WE are all friends here. I was just making some suggestions. I mean Feds are already crying about cloak non stop, and now their MES is nerfed, so you don't seriously think they are going to make cloak better do you?

Its not going to happen in all likely hood.. Learn to use it the best you can. It's all you can really do.

The truth is Klingon's are the underdog. Get used to it cause its not going to change any time soon.