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01-31-2010, 06:07 AM
Well I think the learning curve was just about right in the final parts of CB. You really had to use your skills to destroy the enemies, and concentrate on what was happening. It was fun and entertaining even at Lieutenant levels.

Then the nerf bat hit, and even with the slight fixes the game is still silly easy.
I can just full impulse in middle of the enemies (that was a death sentence in CB, you got blown up in seconds as you shields had no power) , put on autofire and go AFK to check the internet. As I've done numerous times now. The combat is just too boring to play.

At the moment I get into a team with one or two other players but just solo our missions. That way the enemies are more numerous and harder, and it makes the game fun and challenging again.

The game gets a bit more difficult after the early Lt.Cmdr, and as numerous folks have said, way way later it gets even harder.
But that's too late in my book. I don't want to rush thru to captain just to find challenging and fun battles.

So I'm suggesting to the Devs, start stepping up the difficulty around Lt. 4. That has given more than enough time to figure out the controls and basic skills.

Or give us the difficulty slider sooner rather than later. Just be sure to increase the power of the enemy ships, and not just add more squishy enemy ships.