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01-31-2010, 06:13 AM
Originally Posted by Harddrive View Post
I am sick and tired of trying to cloak (t2 BoP) and getting blown up AFTER i do so.

This is rediculous. As it is now, cloaking is simply lowering your shields so the enemy can blow you up faster. It certainly doesnt hide you from the enemy as they continue to fire on you for 5-10 seconds after you push the cloak button.

I understand if they scan you out or if you get too close. This is not any of those siutations. You decide your in over your head, you battle cloak only to see the enemy continue firing and those torpedoes chasing you down 10 seconds after you cloaked. You take a torp up your butt and WHAM, 2k damage with no shields.


This is working as intended. It would be totally OP if your shields remained active whilst cloaking.

Being invisible in combat is an amazing skill. I am sorry you're unable to use it to your advantage unlike every other Klingon BOP pilot.