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01-31-2010, 07:20 AM
Originally Posted by Valax1983
So i boughts Star trek online from steam and cant even downlod. Then when im finally download the servers are down like 4 hours! So i finally get to play and the game looks terrible like its 1999 or something wtf.

Tutorial was also way to hard i didnt know what to do. I kept killing Borgs for like 5 minutes straight until i died twice before i realized i could run past them all. Then i finally finish and cant find my ship until i press a button that says beam to ship? How was i supposed to know what beam to ship means? And then im stuck outside the earth place like 10 minutes and cant find out what to do cause i dont know how to ask questions in OOC in this game cause theres no OOC! Finally i figure it out and then BAM severs down again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point im so mad im considering cancelling my sub so cryptic knows im serius angry and maybe even sue for my money back and time wasted not to mention the anguish ive been through which is also sueable.

Sounds like your just rubbish at video games and should perhaps take up gardening or pottery making as your hobby. Good luck with your court case!