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01-31-2010, 06:37 AM
Originally Posted by Ohio84
Well I guess I am glad I only pre-ordered, the graphics look like something out of woflenstein back in the 90's.

So disaapointed!!!
You shouldn't be disappointed. The minimum specs were posted some time ago. If you're that upset, and want to play the game that badly, upgrade your computer like some of us did. Saying the game's graphics look like they're from wolfenstein (when they're in fact, not) isn't going to get you anywhere except in the frying pan with some of this game's community.

Be patient, upgrade your computer when you have the time and money, and come back. That's what I had to do for LotRO two years ago. The only thing I've done to this rig in two years is gone from a pair of 8800GTXs to a pair of GTX275s. Let me tell you, this game runs like SILK.