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01-31-2010, 07:37 AM
First time i noticed it was in beta in the tuto: reviewed the 3 BOs, chose one, only to find a different set of skills. That was kinda obvious.

if you pay attention, it actually happens a lot. Often, the BO skills you browse when you accept a mission will not be the same when you turn it in. I even saw a change between two hails (first i observed the BO and chose "exit" then went back to Quinn and the BO had already changed). I even experienced a change in race in beta (a human eng BO 'turned into' an andorian while i was doing the mission to get him).

Same happens with Elsa Mora (BO vendor). The skills in beta did change from time to time from what i've seen.

I'd say it's not unintended. It seems that BOs have a sort of randomness, just as loot is probably randomly generated when you actually open the yellow thing.

I generally don't care anymore about their initial skills because of that (and anyhow i don't get most BO rewards due to the bug).
I spent too much time theorycrafting a BO or skills only to never get that exact BO in the end, if I ever get one.

I just focus on traits (linked to race, those cannot be changed). First stop when I get a BO: power store on earth. 3 times out of 4. The base set of skills is never really optimal anyway.