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If a head start is a thank you, then cryptic must hate every one.

i think since Friday i have properly had about 1 hours worth of game play.

Problems being you can't contact the account sever, after you get that you have to contact the game sever. which all though there is a green light to say the sever is working, you keep getting disconnected from it.

These are the problem you expect in a beta not the pre-launch, in fact there were less problems with the open beta. Why do people moan and complain, because it's supposed to be a finished product. Can you Imagine going out to buy a new product and told there’s no packaging for it, but we can pour it in to your hands, so you can take it home ???

So head start what head start??? if you luck you might just get a character and a 1st officer.

So to Cryptic I'd like to say a BIG thank you for wasting my weekend, I did have other thing I could have done but I thought the idea of a new game would be fun.