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01-31-2010, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by ripshredder View Post
I've just got owned big time by the Crystaline entity, i think we must've been around 20-30 ships that got our rear ends handed to us by this thing.

It actually started spawncamping on us insta-killing us all upon respawning.

I dont have time for screenies right now but they will follow later.

This was insane, and on top of all, it started healing it self from 18% hull to 36% hull in less than 1 minute !?

were you all lieutenant rank? lol

because i can tell you now they havent changed this instance at all and I'm already back to being able to solo it in under 1 minute :/

that and I already see commanders in here, so they havent put a level cap on it either.

yay! free loot for the highest level escort! (*sigh*)