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01-31-2010, 08:08 AM
I read a review that touched on this exact topic.

In the shows, the loss of a ship was always a last resort. Even attacking another ship was always the last option. There was always that feeling of reverence toward the other ships captain and crew, and the loss of life that destroying a ship represents.

Which is part of why i'm torn over the gameplay of STO. Dont get me wrong, i'm thoroughly enjoying this game. It just seems like theres a ton of combat, and not enough plot/puzzle solving.

Now, thats not to say i think the game needs to be changed. A lot of todays mmo players would leave if there were not as much action as there is. They'd rather blow stuff up, than problem solve.

Personally, i'd like to see a lot more problem solving, research, and exploration missions, but i completely understand why Cryptic has designed the game the way they have.

At any rate, i guess i'm saying, Yes, i agree, you get a very somber feeling when you see that bird of prey blow up in front of you, or see your litle people graph drop.

I too am curious where the people come back from. Ha! After a big battle, are 75% of my crew newborns?