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# 1 Camera position customization
01-31-2010, 07:20 AM
If its one thing in this game that continues to infuriate me it is the camera AI. I hate having to hold my right mouse down to keep the AI from running off with my camera dictating what I should be looking at. Its even worse on away missions where I have two horribly bad grievances.

One is when you have a friendly NPC accompanying the party. Take the Kuvah'Magh as the first such occurances. Miral Parris will constant stand behind your right should while crouching blocking any attempt at line of sight for you to spot exposed targets.

The second is dealing with holding the right click to keep the AI from stealing the camera from you and being free to left click select an exposed target to take an exploit shot. You can't do both at the same time and nothing is more aggravating than to release the right click to move to left click target an exposed mob only to find the camera spinning your view 180 degrees behind you and you've lost your shot.

I can think of 3 distinct ways to fix this issue.

1. Allow FPS view on away missions. Not my frist choice, but the easiest to implement usually.

2. Allow a fixed relative position to the main character above the current position more and maintain its view direction relative to the player facing.

3. Allow x/y position move of the current AI camera. Left/right shoulder choice or something.

With the lag or speed of combat the currrent camera AI is quite annoying.