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01-31-2010, 07:24 AM
I was on the USS Lexington before it was made a museum. Boot camp naval pilots made their very first landing on a moving aircraft carrier at sea on this heap. It was in both world wars. We were nothing short of a flying dartboard. The few years I was there many lives were lost. Google it's history. It was a death ship and all aboard knew it.

Does this game even have a death penalty?

Does anyone even care about lost crew?

I do~!

I understand this is just a game.... but ... C'Mon MAN !!

Anyone with any care or compassion cares about the crew! ... Except.. Apparently... Star Trek Captains?

Death Hurts and people and players are not stupid. Even if they have never had this experience... or God Forbid... anything similar...this is a mature MMO and I would like to think people care about their crew... even if they are just little icons.

C'Mon Man! ... Zerg your own ass! ... No loss = No Gain! No Risk = No Reward! Simple Gameplay Truth! True Life!

Implement a severe death penalty! .. Nobody goes to a casino and bets a penny. If you want players to get anything at all from this game, you'll mirror life or the game means nothing.

What would Janeway do? .. Respawn...? ... Sacrifice ship and crew.. over and over and over?

If thats's how you wanna play it I dont think you'll have many players because the experience means nothing w/o loss.