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01-31-2010, 08:03 AM
I don't care about "canonical" reassons, as I'm not a ST fan... But I care about game balance. There are far better ways to fix this... As I contributed already on a, now archived, beta thread about "backpedaling"...

...But Cryptic chose this solution precissely aimed at this problem, but is still missing some tweaks, IMHO.

If you are on a slow rotating ship, you should't even try to outmaneuvering your foe... You should carry, instead wide arc weaponry to be able to shoot all around at a decent rate and focus on your defensive abilities, And reserve backpedaling for those limited moments you want him briefly on a given arc.

The problem of backpedalling is that allow ships with small arc weapons to keep their targets forever in their high DPS arc... If you lurk around the weapon repertory there is ONLY 1 type of ship that can mount the highest DPS weapons (sacrifying arc)... The escorts...

...So yes, this change should prevent escorts to play like turrets forever with some moments of maneuvering, and instead playing normally at high speeds with some occasional moments of backpedalling for some strategic strike.

You are mistaken about backpedaling at long range a "PvE only" tactic... Because it's also usefull on PvP... And there is a world of a difference between staying immobile or "ahead slow" and "backpedaling"... If you want to know why... Get an escort ship, go full backpedalling and then hit your "Evasive Maneuvers" button.