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01-31-2010, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by Nightlore
Not that is matters as you get a free customisation when you first pick up yout Boff. Change their name, race, shoes.... go nuts.
You can't change a BOffs race. You can change his/her appearance (limited to the race), name, uniform. But the actual race and gender itself, those are not customizable.

The closest thing the OP can probably go for is to get a Female BOff with the race: "Unknown/Alien", and just customize it to look like a Trill.

I too am also in a somewhat similar problem as the OP. I was planning to have a.... um... female orion Federation engineering bridge officer (stop looking at me like that >_>). But alas, there's none to be had, unless you go Klingon. So I just made one up using Unknown or Alien as the race. But yeah, would've been nice to get the real thing.