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# 5 Congratulations Asmodai117
01-31-2010, 09:14 AM
[[Starfleet Communication]]
[color="Blue"]re: Starfleet Requisition Oversight[/COLOR

Attn: USS Normandy
Captain Asmodai, the Quartermaster's office received your general communication at 0807 this morning. As no other applications for delivery have been submitted in the last 12 hours we must assume that you are the only vessel that left spacedock at Sol Sector that was unequipped.
We are currently delivering one (1) Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft to you via auto-navigation transwarp conduit. You should receive it with the next few days.
Have a good day, and "clear horizons."

Fleet Captain Mathew Baker
Quartermaster, Fleet Operations, Section 4, Starfleet
[[Starfleet Out]]

Congratulations to the only player who figured out what was going on, and RPed in an MMORPG.
Check your PM inbox.
Enjoy your Shuttlecraft