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01-31-2010, 09:27 AM
Xeraphim Ydal Zaadhar

Race: Xyndaal
Not much was known about the Xyndaal until a colony ship entered Federation space in 2388, harboring all that was left of their people after their home world of Zirci was assimilated by the Borg. They are an adaptable, humanoid species, usually dark skinned, with colorful patterns in the center of their head/face and small dual spines on either side. Topknots are the preferred hairstyle. Average height is between 6' and 7' and their eyes are usually yellow or golden.

Since they are currently so few in number, less than 1,000, they tend to stick together as their secondary directive is to eventually relocate and repopulate their species. Prime Directive, of course, is the same as Starfleet's, being it is all they currently have.

Xeraphim entered Starfleet at an early age, having arrived as a child on the survivors colony ship. She raised in ranks at a standard pace, entering the Science field hoping to one day captain a Science vessel of her own. Her First Officer, Zaaq Vyzarth, and her sister, Vextra, graduated in the same class.
She is black skinned, with red markings and a white topknot. She has golden eyes and stands 6'6" tall.