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01-31-2010, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by Tstorm View Post
Bridge officers are fairly inexpensive at the starbase, but yeah, I noticed this earlier this morning as well.

I got a "New Bridge Officer" mission (or something like that) after leveling up or similar, and it quickly seemed to auto-complete. After completing ANOTHER mission, the "New Bridge Officer" mission seemed to reappear and give me the bridge officer (though maybe I was hallucinating or something).

Make sure you look at the "Assignments" tab of the "u" window. Tentative officers will show up there and you have to actually invite them (in case you were unaware).

Based on my own experience, I am wondering if it is just a matter of lag where the system eventually hands over an officer, but I guess if all else fails, a support ticket would probably be a safe route since I suspect they can verify the mission if needed.
You are right both missing BO's are under the assignments tab... now to figure out how to get them in their place... thank you!