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01-31-2010, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by RedShirtedExtra
I am a full time + employee, married with kids. Avid MMORPG player as well. I will say the STO is not particularly friendly to towards players that need to manage time.

- Not indication how long a mission component will take. Some missions look short and quick and turn out to be long involved.
- The single man missions can only be paused to 45 second (which is better than none). Few missions have wandering patrols so often you can just clean up the local area and your good for the 15 minute idle time out.

On the good side however,

- There is no death penalty so if you die, no big deal, just come back and some missions will even let you start where you left off.
- You can log out anywhere, any time. Which is great for when you draw wife agro.

I would like the ability to be replaced by a drone ship or BO of other member of the party when you have to log out. Nothing worse than loosing your only science officer at the end of a long ground based mission
i disagree. while individual missions can take up to an hour (so far), i feel like i make a fair amount of progress while playing only one or two full missions a day.

and there's lots of opportunities to afk between the action during missions, as long as you're not in a group.