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01-31-2010, 08:41 AM
Originally Posted by tempnexus
Albeit I am only LVL 4 but I can barely make enough money to actually buy stuff.
The only money I get is from mish completion.
Is there any other way?

Somehow the gold farmers have found a way.
I get drops very rarely and when I do I sell them to the seller but it's for very little "energy" (I think that's the term).

Any tips?
Play the game more. Energy is not an issue at all by the time you reach Lt. Cmdr... all the way to Admiral. Even by Lt 6-7 I had everything I needed (Mk II stuff for myself, all by BOs, and my ship) and still had 5,000 energy.

Also, loot drops can be sold to your ship replicator for 40% or so if it's listed value.. Or you can sell it at a base for a little more. I personally just drop everything in the replicator.

Edit In - Gold Farmers will not be needed at all in STO.. As I said.. you will have no issues with Energy, and that is the only tradeable currency. Crafting is too minor for any data samples to have any real value.. and gear is easy to get through PvP or PvE. Those gold farmers will starve on STO.