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01-31-2010, 08:49 AM
I am just wondering what you need money for? I am level 11 and the only thing I have bought with energy credits is one weapon and a bridge officer I wanted. Granted I don't have a fully decked out ship with the best equipment because components don't seem to be dropping as much. The exploration missions give you credits to use towards personal equipment from the people on Sol station. The other missions give you rewards to fill in the gaps.

Really I haven't found much to spend money on yet and I still only have a few thousand credits from selling junk I don't use and so far I am not selling much unless I have to. Bank and Inventory space in this game is a joke considering I have a 5 man away team and entire space ship cargo bay. There is no mission that was too hard because I didn't have MK II parts in my ship or on my away team. I am more concerned about having money to upgrade my ships later when I won't grow out of it so fast.

The overall answer to your question would be the same place you get it in any other game. By selling stuff you don't want or use and by running missions.