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01-31-2010, 08:50 AM
Problem and solution here.. Sorry for spelling error.

Well you can beam out.. But yeah matchmaking needs to be fixed. doesnt matter what side your on in a 5v2, its not fun :/ I hope they fix it soon. But heres the problem..

When people que up it waits until both sides are full. Then the que pops and you get the choice to take it or not. Lets say that 3 ppl on 1 side decide not to take it b/c of a mission or they need to buy stuff that means that 1 side will have 3 less ppl. Now of course the matchmaker tries to find replacements but the match has already began and it could be 6 min into the match until it balances out.

ALSO.. When people que for multiple ques they take up a slot in that que and that means one less person in that que. Take note when you que up for a bunch of battles, once you except one of the ques and enter a match, during the game the system msg says 'Joining time for " Map and battle" has expired.' So your still in the other ques ruining the other matches which of course isnt your fault.

Force ppl to take the que. That means at the end of the 50 secs they will be forced to enter. They can choose to beam out but if they reque they will be put in that same one. This would prevent people from ruining the system

ALSO.. Make it so you can either only que once or when you enter a match you leave the other ques.