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01-31-2010, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by Hundredth View Post
Lol@this topic.

1) Open beta, klingons get massacred by fedballs. Told "l2p", "get organized" and so on.
2) Fedball reduced from 8 to 5.
3) Klingons l2p, get organized
4) Retail, klingons are "OverPowered, need nerf".

I haven't met a good fed player yet. It literally seems like all the good pvp players rolled klingon.
Edit: Actually, Nsif (nisf) seemed to know what he was doing. At least he had a plan of attack.

I sincerely hope that devs will never listen to vague crap like "Kling shield and armor resist is through the roof". Get some specific information on WHAT is overpowered, then talk. Cause the only thing that changed between open beta and retail was that klingons got a default shield in tier1 (that is actually good). Hulls are the same, resists are the same. Everything else is just feds being bad players.
Ofcourse, how many matches have you lost? i can honestly say that Ive never lost one with my Kling character, even the ones where we had no organization or tactics.