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01-31-2010, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Qixter View Post
To any and all Cryptic apologists that say "well...the official launch isn't until Feb 2...this is only Head Start", I'm sorry, but that's bunk.

We pre-ordered to get into this Head Start. We are paying customers. This is "real".

If you don't want to complain, then don't complain. But quit cutting Cryptic any slack because this "isn't official". You paid cash to be here. It doesn't get any more official than that.
Wow, this is the first real post on this forum I've seen. I agree, we PAID to be here, so don't tell me this isn't official start yet.

Headstart is supposed to let people PLAY i.e get a head start on the rest of the population who werent so devoted or didn't want to pony up their cash right away.

Well we DID so we want to PLAY. not stress test your damn hardware for you.