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01-31-2010, 10:13 AM
They don't need to add a timeout for unbalanced, they just need to fix the problem of it being 5vs1. Here are a few things that would help.

There are many seperate problems that lead to this issue. The first is the fact that you stay in queues even though you are in a PvP instance and can't accept any queues that come up. This means that you hold a spot for 60 seconds and you helped start an instance even though their might not be enough people to fill it. Remove people from pvp queues when they get into a pvp instance.

Another reason is the system gives 60 seconds to accept the mission, but to leave the queue and give the spot to someone else you have to jump through hoops. It's doubtful many people will go to their pvp queue screen and manually leave the pvp queue, most will just let it run the full 60 seconds. This means that their team is 1 man short for at least 60 seconds. This compounds itself for each person that does it and can lead to frustrating cases of 5vs1 for 4-5 minutes. Give people a "Leave" option beside the "hide" option so they don't just let it run the 60 seconds I also recommend getting rid of the hide option and replace it with "Re queue" option. Having people hold spots is a big problem to balance.It would be advisable to ask for a confirmation of leaving the queue or re-queuing.

There is no staging area. In all MMO I have played that have instanced pvp matches have area where people zone into and wait 30-60 seconds for other people to zone in before the game starts. At least give the team a chance to have some more people enter the instance. Even if all people zone in before the time is up it gives them a chance to group up and talk a bit of strategy first. Starting a pvp match as soon as one person zones in is a problem.