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01-31-2010, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by Virus View Post
First off let me say that all classes are balanced b/c all classes have some sort of hold/stun/etc.

But really, you have to realize that you could be playing against people who are specialized in ground combat. When i created my toon i picked 4 ground abilities and spent every point ive gotton into ground combat. This is b/c i enjoy ground combat more than space.

I do agree that the matchmaking needs to be fixed b/c it doesnt matter what side your on in a 5 v 2, its still not fun :/
Originally Posted by Virus View Post
And no.. the holds are fine the way they are since all classes get some sort of stun/hold/etc
There is no balance when you can have a single ability spammed on you till your able to be one shotted.
It doesnt matter if someone specializes in those skills or not. This spamming breaks ground pvp and makes it no fun at all.