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01-31-2010, 09:16 AM
Did you check your spam box? Maybe your email program marked your beta key email as spam.

And good luck cancelling a download order - you should re-read your terms and conditions I think.

It also sounds like you are confused about what you want. Do you want a beta key or do you want to cancel your order? Because if your complaint is that you didn't get your beta key then try to get a beta key - if you don't want the game then try to cancel your order.

The only sure way to make sure you have a beta key in your hand when you buy the game is to walk into a store and ask them to hand you a beta key when you hand them your credit card. Since you already bought it online you are stuck working with online order customer service.

Good luck. At least you can be grateful that you're not locked out due to server downtime and posting your complaints here about how you're getting cheated out of your free pre-release game time.