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01-31-2010, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Vaneshi
I'm willing to bet good money that lawyers are already waiting for the first Consumer V MMO Company case to appear. It will, for better or worse, be a good thing when it does.
Good for whom? Certainly not those of us who enjoy MMO's, because, in order to "guarantee" this "reasonable life expectancy," they'd have to either water the games down, or have them in development so long as to never see the light of day. It also wouldn't be good for MMO customers, as, since you're involved in a contract with the developer, nobody unable to prove they're over 18 would be able to play. You may say that's a good thing, but, if someone under the age of 18 DID play (after all, it is a game, and ask anyone in the government, games are targeted to children), who would be responsible there? You could SAY the children, but you'd be wrong by legal precedent. Every time children have bypassed security systems for pornography on the internet, the suppliers are brought to task, not the children. So, a child plays an MMO? It's the dev's fault, which means that they'll have to spend money in court instead of on improving our game. They then have to spend more money increasing their security - which will eventually be broken, see internet pronography - instead of on improving our game.

The fact of the matter is, all purchasing this game entitles ANYONE to is an account. Was OP prevented in establishing said account? I'd say no, since he's posting. If he doesn't like the services he's receiving, he doesn't have to continue the account. Unlike with a phone company, if he decides he wants back in later, all he has to do is buy more time.

As for Lifetime subscribers, we purchased a lifetime subscription knowing the risk. All it has to do is make it 16 months for us to break even. That's a risk a vast majority of us are willing to take.