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01-31-2010, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Riyx
Yet another thing brought up in beta that wasnt fixed or looked into..... man iam so glad i have a lifetime sub
Yep I remember bringing it up too knowing how badly it was going to get abused, and here we are, day 3 of headstart and you cant go in a single ground pvp instance without running into hold/expose spammers.

Personally heres what I think should happen:

Expose: Changed to a critical and accuracy increase based on a % value, no more silly stun effect, the effect applies to any shot, not just exploits meaning if your spaming palm strike to get expose, you just wasted it.

Hold: Either removed entirely or altered so it breaks on any damage, as well as an immunity grace (thus spamming it becomes a waste of cooldown)

With things like weapon disables, roots and slows there is absolutley positively NO need to included holds or stuns.