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01-31-2010, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Tenchi2k View Post
the junk stuff like data, bridge officers, and devices// everything else comes back with no results.. like there isent anything there when i lnow there should be cause a friend told me he has a eng console up for sale, but when i do a simple search for Any of Any rank... Nothing shows up
search under All or Commodities. Items showing up under Commodities and having nothing to do with that heading was a bug in beta that apparently isn't fixed.

Until there is a way to sort by price, the Exchange is going to be clunky (because you have to keep scrolling through screens you don't need and/or refining your searches [from Engine to Combat Engine to Combat Engine mk ii...]) and the prices are going to be completely ridiculous because sellers know some buyers are too lazy to go through the arduous task of scanning for the best price.

Also, maybe there needs to be an Exchange Fee - 5% of your listing price perhaps? That might get rid of the outrageously overpriced crap.