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Dear all,

I hope somebody can help, after the billing support seems to be overloaded.

I ordered the collectors edition via amazon. 2 days ago I got informed, that there will be a delay of delivery, as the production firm seems to have whatever issues. Now my beta key has been extended, but I am not able to get the Lifetime subscription with the playable Borg, which I want to have of course.

Second, I cannot use my credit cards !! Which are somehow not accepted. But this seems to be either a problem due to missing key (which of course is in my collectors edition which I don▀t have at the moment) or the billing doesn┤t work right. Both cards (AMEX and Master) are valid, and there are no issues with my bank.

So anybody have a clue, why I can┤t make take the subscription !?

Thanks for your time.