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01-31-2010, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by BlueDestiny View Post
Always good to get some reasoning folks on the forums discussions. Too often it degenerates to the lowest common denominator. Good example in your post from your firm. Thanks for contributing. I also have no doubt that Cryptic knows what we're referring to, but as you said, its how they work it. How they work it is based on their solutions and their teams' competencies... all the way to the top office.
Well if you say they suck then why do you buy software from them?

Those guys you think you are talking to -on a game forum- are not reading this forum, nor will anyone tell them what you have written here. If you think that their operations will change because someone wrote something in their forum you are delusional.

We all know that servers should be stable. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it. We all know that servers should be up as soon as possible.

So what in your post was new? They have standards for everything, they just can't meet them. Now if you tell them they have to meet them it makes it all better?

Err.. no.

BTW.... on the technical side, you dont seem to have any clue how such a server works. It's not a database server or a webserver. You can't just bring it back up when it crashes like nothing happened and it all will be good.

This is a server that actually may need programming, it's not just hardware. You can get corrupted data you need to fix, and you cant just type /fix on the console like you can with a database server and it will auto-fix...