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01-31-2010, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Mongooser View Post
O.K. child you seem to be a little "slow" so I will help you...

Quantity Game Title Platform Delivery Method Price

Star Trek Online Deluxe Edition - Digital Download PC
Download $54.99 Remove
Star Trek Online - Preorder PC
Download $5.00 Remove

Extended Download Service What is EDS? Download $3.95 Remove

That is from the Atari order website - THEY CHARGED ME $5 FOR THE PREORDER. Go to the website yourself child and see here is the link:

P.S. Next time think before you run your mouth...
A( Stop calling people "child"...for I am anything but(probably older than you seem to be in fact) and it is condescending.
B( The list price for the game is 59.99...not 54.99 so you didn't dish out a single EXTRA penny for the headstart.
C( Next time think before YOU run your mouth.