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01-31-2010, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by pdehn
Your standards seem rather obvious, to the point that they're probably already there. Setting a standard does not equate to meeting a standard though.

1 and 2 are probably implemented.
Now who's making assumptions. Based on educated observations, I believe you are incorrect.

I don't care to the reasons, I care to the results. The standards and the targets, and the actual results. How we get there is for them to solve, there's no right way or wrong way, as we know from business. What does matter is that we achieve the targets.

Again, in my educated opinion and observation, we do not have such standards in place, or I wouldn't have mentioned them.

Unless other standards are very low, we would not have launched retail (would have seen later dates, or delays in retail launch - another sign of the quality of the planning process itself) with uptime or duration of outage standards off by 600 to 1200% to target.

If you didn't understand the original work and its relevance, this response is a waste of time, because you won't get the latter, either. No worries, if you're lucky and learn through your career opportunities, you will understand someday. But then again, you're not stopping to learn from others more experienced and knowledgable today (simply ridicule and hate the good for being good)...