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01-31-2010, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by johnthepatriot View Post
"Paid" service? You have not paid for a damn thing yet I know MY credit card has not been billed for anything... until my pre-release purchase ships.
Yet another apologist - why are you making excuses for Cryptics appallingly awful performance? What's it going to be when the game officially launches and the performance is just as bad or worse? "Oh it's ok it's a new MMO they are always unstable wait till the first major patch"? Total BS.

I've played almost every western MMO since M59 at both beta and launch and with the possible exception of AO this has been the worst release of an MMO to date. Clearly Cryptic's major "lesson learned" from Champions was that they can get away with releasing sub-standard products because there's an audience of credulous morons out there who will put up with it.