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01-31-2010, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by Rinak
Man at this rate i dunno if i should buy the game or not maybe cancel my preorder i dont wanna pay for something i can never use...i mean they start charging us tuesday and if problem isnt solved and my guess is it wont be will they give us credit ? Cause server going down continously is kinda ridiculious so much for "headstart"
Its a tough call. The best way to judge a developer is to look at their forums in the other games they have produced to see if they have issued any credit.

As far as I know Cryptic has not issued any credits for downtime for Champions Online.

I would imagine most will do the 30 day run and hope it gets better. Best part is you can vote with your wallet with a monthly subscription. If they fail to produce a product you like you can easily go to something else. It works well - supply and demand - once they produce something you are interested in you may reactivate your subscription again everyone wins.

The *strange thing* is with lifetime you lose your voting leverage. They are not making future revenue off you and they already have your money so why should they care? The only thing that might mitigate that is paid for DLC from the C-Store and expansion packs.

STO is definitely a stronger license and has a much larger fanbase vs Champions which causes me to hope we get a better production this time around from Cryptic.