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01-31-2010, 11:31 AM
As much as it bugs me that the server is always going down, it IS to be expected in an MMO launch of such popularity. At least they're on it.

What IS disappointing is the way this game was rushed, when clearly it needed a lot of polish before launch. We all look to Blizzard as an example of the way to make an MMO, but not every game company has the patience (and more importantly, funding) that Blizzard has when it comes to not rushing out its products and taking as much time as it needs to put out the best product they can.

That said, I am expecting Cryptic to come through on their promise of a stellar game and fix things quickly and add all the content and polish necessary to be a real competitor for WoW and Eve and the upcoming Star Wars MMO. They rushed this game, now they've got to make it as cool as they made it out to be, and fast.