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01-31-2010, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
You've never experienced a major mmo launch before have you? These kinds of problems can go on for a few weeks before the server decides to play nice.

It's not an excuse but a fact. Nobody knows how the server will react until they stress it. And as for the crashing... Notice how when the server comes back up it runs fine. Looks like they know whats wrong, they just need to give the servers a good kick now and again if they fall out of line.

This person gets it...

this game id expect my system to get booted and the server be taken down often for the next couple weeks..

there is just absolutly no way they can test probelms that comes from 50k, 100k people playing.. when they have only had 15-20k in beta

Head start has way more people playing cause they think that its the finsihed game.. its not, it wont ever be finished. But finished stablity testing is gonna take a few weeks after launch atleast. Its because they cant fix it with out the 100k people trying to play.. and playing..

If this is something you cant deal with.. Go play something else and come back in a couple weeks when the bugs are worked out.

I really wish someone with vast server knowledge could explain exactly why this is in geek terms.. but then again most of you wouldnt have a clue what he was talking about.. I wouldnt know exactly persay.. But i get why the issues are occuring.. atleast tahts something